Yes, we can!

6th November 2020by stumpnose_10

In a couple of weeks time, we’ll be offering a selection of our beers for sale in cans instead of bottles.

This is an exciting move for us as it means we can package our beer much quicker and ensure that our beer gets to the consumer in the best possible condition.  There are several other reasons why cans are better than bottles for customers:

  • cans chill quicker in the fridge
  • cans are easier to store
  • cans are lighter and can be taken places glass can’t
  • cans are arguably easier to recycle
  • cans provide a greater shelf life than bottles

Our friends at Mobican will be doing the canning for us – they have a mobile machine which can be taken to any brewery or other craft beverage producer in KZN, so expect to see more cans on the shelves soon!


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