Save the planet, one 6-pack at a time

8th February 2021by stumpnose_10

At Stumpnose Brewery we recently started to package our canned beers using bio-degradable, compostable 6-pack rings from e6pr.  They essentially work in the same way as the old plastic 6-pack rings, but with zero impact to the environment once they’re disposed of. Although they are made of a fibrous by-product, they are strong and retain their holding capability even when wet (we have tested putting a 6-pack in a cooler box full of ice for 24 hours and it was still fine).

So, the next time you crack open a can of Stumpnose beer, you can be content in the knowledge that you’re helping to save the planet!

We’ll continue to look at ways where we can reduce our carbon footprint or use more environmentally sound packaging, so drop us any ideas that you may have – we’d love to hear them.

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