Start with the best ingredientsGREAT BEER COMES

Part science, part art; producing great beer is the culmination of many things.


We use the finest hops from
South Africa, Europe and the USA.


Yeast is the magic ingredient that turns sweet malty liquid (‘wort’) into beer.
Malted Barley

We only use the finest malted barley from Belgium and the UK.

Our Process

There are only 4 ingredients in beer and a tried and tested process to make it, but the huge variation in those ingredients and how the brewer uses them together results in dozens of different styles – its a shame most people associate beer only with pale fizzy lager from SAB!

The process we use at Stumpnose is the same as that shown in the infographic on the right.  Our malted barley is milled and then ‘mashed-in’ with hot water to create a malty, sugary liquid called ‘wort’, which is then boiled.  It is at this point that a certain amount of hops are added to produce the characteristic bitterness of beer (and to act as preservative).  The wort is then cooled and more hops added (depending on the style), before its pumped into the fermenter where yeast is added.  Over the next few days the yeast eats all the sugars in the wort and produces alcohol (and CO2).  Again, more hops may be added depending on the style (in the case of our Endless Summer APA or Fisherman IPA, this could be quite alot).  Once fermentation is complete, the beer (it is no longer wort) is moved to a ‘bright tank’ where it is conditioned and carbonated before being kegged or canned.


We use hops in 2 ways: one is to add the right amount of bitterness to the beer, the other is to add a desirable aroma and flavour profile.

To add bitterness, we use South African hops, grown near George; most of the time its the ‘Southern Star’ variety.

The aroma hops that we use are almost all from the USA (specifically the north west region).  Some of the varieties include ‘Cascade’, ‘Centenial’, ‘Chinook’, ‘Citra’, ‘Mosaic’, ‘Amarillo’, ‘Sabro’, ‘Columbus’, ‘Ekuanot’, ‘Simcoe’, and a new experimental hop called ‘HBC472’.  Alot of these hops impart amazing citrus, fruit or tropical aromas to the beer – our Endless Summer, for example, gets its citrus aroma from a large dry hop dose of Citra and Mosaic.

In line with our policy of sourcing from environmentally and socially responsible suppliers, our US hops are supplied by Yakima Chief Hops who have had a sustainability programme in place since 2008.

(Note: like almost every other craft brewery, we use the pelletised version of the hops, not the whole leaf cone shown in the picture on the left)

Malted Barley

We use malted barley from Castle Malting in Belgium.  They produce a wide range of excellent quality malt – from the ‘Pale Ale’ malt that we use as the basis of our ales (eg Endless Summer and Fisherman) to the ‘Black’ malt that we use in the Squid Ink.  In between those two extremes are different variants which add degrees of colour, flavour or body that a style may demand.